Stream Team

Friends of Merri Creek Stream Team groups regularly test water quality of the Merri Creek.The program builds community understanding  and enables constructive actions to rectify water quality problems.
You can get involved by coming along to one of our training days, held throughout the year, or joining a monitoring day.  

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Learning in action on Merri Creek.

Monitoring – where and when

Merri Creek @ St Georges Road, North Fiztroy
1st Sunday of every month.
Access is by

  • cycling along Merri Creek to just upstream of St Georges Road Bridge, or
  • catching the tram (Route 11) along St Georges Road/Brunswick Street and getting off at Stop 25 and walking north to the creek and down the cycle/pedestrian path ramp. or
  • driving to and parking outside Merri Primary School in Miller Street, Fitzroy North and walking down to the creek.

Useful links

Water quality reports