Merri Creek stories

The Friends of Merri Creek Oral History Project includes interviews with residents who have lived on the Creek before 1970.
These interviews are available on Wikinorthia – an online encyclopedia documenting life in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.
The transcripts of these interviews together with some photographs have been facilitated by the Local and Family History Librarian and Wikinorthia administrator at Yarra Plenty Regional Library.
Wikinorthia is a partnership between Darebin, Merri-bek and Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries. The site publishes personal reminiscences and more, reflecting life in Melbourne’s north. Comments can be on the stories on the site.
Please contact Wikinorthia if you’d like to contribute to the project.

Georgio de Nola
Frank Cox
Bill Berry
Loris Macleod
Brendan Casey
Arthur (Mick) Graham
Pauline Atkins
John Jordan
Joe Garita