Representing the Friends of Merri Creek at selected events


The Friends of Merri Creek recognizes the value of being represented at conferences, workshops and other events relevant to its objectives. Such representation can assist in addressing issues, identifying opportunities for action, building networks and strengthening capacity.

The FoMC Committee will consider all requests and proposals for representation according to the criteria outlined below.

What are priority events for FOMC representation?

  • The event is relevant to FoMC objectives
  • Representation of FoMC issues and interests would be useful.
  • There is opportunity for learning and skill development that would be useful to FoMC.
  • There is opportunity for building useful connections with other groups.

Who can represent FoMC?

  • Active members who have demonstrated relevant expertise.

What kind of support can be provided to FoMC representatives?

  • Full payment of event fees at the discretion of the FoMC Committee.
  • Where the potential representative would be attending the event in any case, a contribution to event fees of up to $200.

What are the responsibilities of the FoMC representative?

  • To represent FoMC interests.
  • If required, to be briefed by the FoMC Committee on relevant issues before the event.
  • To provide a brief written report to the FoMC Management Committee on event proceedings, outcomes and opportunities within one month of the event.
  • If requested, to proved an article on the event for the Friends newsletter, the Merri growler.

January 2020.