The Merri Paddle

The Merri Paddle is a local group formed with the mission:
To lay the foundations for the eventual return of the platypus to Merri Creek, by working with existing organisations to promote restoration of the creek, with a focus on reversing the damage of Urban Stream Syndrome.


merri paddle
Watch our webinar - Welcome to the Merri Paddle
Articles and Publications

This article published in Science Victoria's magazine in December 2022 provides a good overview of what The Merri Paddle is doing.



Platypus information resources

Platypus fact sheet - Melbourne Water - brochure covering their work in support of the Platypus.
Platypus census - Melbourne Water - Platypus around Melbourne, water sampling, education resources and how you can help.
The Great Australian Platypus search - a citizen science project, including resources for schools.
Returning Platypuses to Merri Creek, Josh Griffiths, EnviroDNA. Report commissioned by the Merri Paddle
platypusSPOT - download the App, and help with Platypus conservation by posting any of your sightings.
The Australian Platypus Conservancy - comprehensive website with a wide range of resources.

Scientific articles on the Platypus

Klamt et al., Early response of the platypus to climate warming (Global Change Biology (2011) 17, 3011–3018)

Klamt et al., Trophic relationships of the platypus: insights from stable isotope and cheek pouch dietary analyses (Marine and Freshwater Research, 2015)
Bino et al., The platypus: evolutionary history, biology, and an uncertain future (Journal of Mammalogy, 100(2):308–327, 2019)


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