Merri growler editorial guidelines

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The Friends newsletter – Merri growler, is named after the endangered Growling grass frog - Litoria raniformis, which has been found along Merri Creek, and because growling is a form of communication. These guidelines are for contributors to, and editors of, the newsletter.

Newsletter aims

  • To report to members on FoMC activities.
  • To encourage community involvement in activities aimed at restoring and protecting the Merri Creek.
  • To promote FoMC to key stakeholders, such as local government, members of Parliament and other community groups.

Regular articles

  • Merri Musings: brief articles on news, activities, updates, grants, etc.
  • Birdwatch Report: an update on bird surveys, plus a list of the upcoming surveys.
  • Friends of Edgars Creek Focus: page reserved for Friends of Edgars Creek article.
  • Events page (at back) showing activities for the next three months (at least).

Newsletter editor

  • A voluntary editor, assistant editors and proof readers are appointed by the FoMC Committee.
  • Usually members who volunteer have some relevant experience/skill.

Guidelines for contributions

  • Articles should have some relevance to the following topics in this priority: (1) Merri Creek, (2) waterways, (3) the local environment, (4) the general environment.
  • Articles that are inconsistent with the policy directions of the FoMC Management Committee may be rejected. If in doubt, the editor may ask the Committee members for their decision by email.
  • Contributions should state their author and any relevant role or office (except for Merri Musings).
  • A full-page article should be around 700 words.
  • Articles are preferred to be accompanied by photograph/s or diagram/s.
  • The editor may make minor editorial changes to articles; however, contributors will be given the opportunity to review any significant changes.
  • Advertisements will not be accepted.

January 2020