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Merri Paddle options and opportunities, a discussion paper, November 2023: (1,362.6 Kb)
Returning the Platypus to the Merri. Merri Paddle brochure, 2023: (2,352.4 Kb)
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Newsletter 2024 Q1:
Newsletter 2023 11: Email Growler Newsletter - November 2023
Newsletter 2023 05: FOMC: Email Growler Newsletter May 2023
Newsletter 2023 08: FOMC: Email Growler Newsletter - August 2023
Website content > Policies
Facebook - guidelines for administrators: (137.1 Kb)
Child safety policies and procedures, October 2023: Friends of Merri Creek Committee: Friends of Merri Creek Child safety policies and procedures document, with appendices (147.3 Kb)
Promotion and sponsorship policy: Friends of Merri Creek Committee: (75.8 Kb)
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Initial submission Mitchell Open Space Strategy: (135.5 Kb)