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Merri Creek and Trawalla Avenue proposed land sale: Contact details for ministers and background information on the proposed sale of public land - part of the Merri corridor in Trawalla Avenue, Thomastown. (125.7 Kb)
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Returning platypuses to Merri Creek: EnviroDNA: Report for The Merri Paddle. The report provides an overarching strategy and identifies key actions that need to be undertaken to achieve the goal of returning Platypuses to Merri Creek. (7,551.5 Kb)
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The Merri Merri Parklands - a Prospectus for the Victorian state election 2022: (887.8 Kb)
FOMC Vote 1 Merri Creek: FOMC: Are you ready to vote this Saturday 21 May? Find out how parties compare when it comes to protecting and enhancing Merri Creek. (151.1 Kb)
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Suitability Study for the Reintroduction of Krefft’s glider (Petaurus notatus) to the Merri Creek.: Prepared by Merri Creek Management Committee for Friends of Merri Creek: (1,000.2 Kb)
Threatened species of the Merri Creek Parklands: (182.1 Kb)
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Order Form: Monica: Order Merchandise from shop (103.6 Kb)
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Newsletter 2022 08: (4,080.4 Kb)
Newsletter 2022 05: (4,420.6 Kb)
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A Greater Merri Creek Park - Friends of Merri Creek Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025: (4,546.2 Kb)