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Website content > Litter
Council Contacts and advice on litter pick ups.: (155.0 Kb)
Activity registration form: (207.6 Kb)
Community litter event site safety checklist: (237.5 Kb)
Litter Clean Up Kit: (118.0 Kb)
Snake bite first aid: (53.3 Kb)
Syringe poster - Tangaroa Blue: (439.5 Kb)
Syringes safe disposal - DHHS: (340.1 Kb)
Website content > Policies
Covid safe checklist - Merri Park litter Clean Up - 7 February 2021: Covid safe checklist for Tier 3 activities - For Merri Park litter Clean Up. (249.5 Kb)
Covid safe checklist - North Fitzroy litter Clean Up - 7 February 2021: (264.4 Kb)
Friends of Merri Creek position on Northcote Golf Course: Friends of Merri Creek Committee: Our position on future planning for use of Northcote Golf Course. (185.1 Kb)