Woody Weeds get Whacked

4th July 2016
Woody Weed Whacking

Amazingly, the Woody Weed Whackers (or ‘Impossible Mission’ Force) has now removed the Gorse, Broom, and Briar Rose bushes from about three-quarters of Bababi Marning (Cooper St Grasslands) and we’re now moving into the last stretch. This group has expanded lately as more people have begun to appreciate the immediate rewards of liberating the grassland from woody weeds. Parks Victoria has helped our work, mainly on the Merri Creek escarpment, by supplying us with $400 worth of tools and the employment of contractors who removed the heaviest infestations from the flat areas. But we could do with some more help – and you would also get to enjoy the big mob of kangaroos that always show up. See “What’s On” for our next activities.

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