The MCMC 2023 litter report has dropped!

3rd February 2024
By Julia Cirillo

Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC), in conjunction with the Friends of Merri Creek (FoMC), has delivered and supported the community in removing litter from the Merri Creek catchment, in northern Melbourne, over the last 5 years. The Friends of Merri Creek has offered monthly litter clean-ups for decades. In 2023, MCMC and FoMC were able to secure funding to support even more groups and community members to collect litter in a wider area, all along the Merri Creek as well as other local waterways including Edgars Creek, Moonee Ponds Creek and the Plenty River.  

Funding for the Rapid Response to Litter after Rainfall (RRLC), program, has enabled MCMC & FoMC to provide residents and local groups with advice, equipment and support to organise their own clean-up events. Participants in clean-ups are also encouraged to document the types and quantities of litter found at their sites. This “litter data” is collated and available to view on the LitterWatch Vic data portal. 

With this “litter data”, MCMC compiled the 2023 litter report.

Throughout 2023, the Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) Waterwatch Program, supported litter clean up events, conducted by residents, schools, kindergartens and local conservation groups. Corporate groups also contributed significantly. The RRLC program will continue into 2024 and beyond, thanks to continued funding from Darebin City Council, Merri-bek City Council, City of Hume, City of Yarra and Whittlesea City Council. 

The 2022 data that MCMC submitted to the Litterwatch Vic data portal recorded 849 people participating in 78 events, which is slightly higher than in 2022.  In total, 75 litter surveys were logged and volunteers collected 110,392 pieces of litter.  (An increase on the 2022 total of 94,418 pieces of litter). 

The three most common litter items collected at ALL sites, in order, were:  

  • unidentifiable plastic fragments and remnants (macro-plastics) 
  • polystyrene fragments and remnants (macro sized ie above 5mm) 
  • single use food packaging / packets (chip, snack and lolly packets) 

Would you like to help remove litter from the Merri Creek and other local waterways? 

MCMC support the community in litter clean-ups by offering:  

  • site safety assessments on clean up procedures and advice on suitable litter hot spots for clean-ups  
  • safety training for community members to run their own events 
  • provision of a litter kit for loan to groups* 
  • education sessions on the impact of litter on the Merri Creek and catchments & litter removed data 
  • clean-up education sessions for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools - we meet out on one of the creeks 

*Please note: Litter kits can only be borrowed by individuals or groups that have completed the safety training or have attended an MCMC run litter clean-up event.
For further information, please visit Help remove litter from Merri Creek.

You can read the full report here: MCMC litter report, 2023

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