More seats along the Merri Creek Trail

27th April 2023
By Anne Frost

Have you noticed new seats being installed along the Merri Creek Trail in Merri-bek?

We’re excited about this opportunity to promote access to our beautiful Creek and surrounds. People who need regular rests will be able to venture further. Everyone will benefit from the well-being boost provided when sitting to contemplate nature.

25 seats

Funding of $87,500 for 25 seats, at a maximum spacing of 400 metres, has been allocated for this seating installation project through Merri-bek Council’s 2022/23 Community Budget Idea Program.

Joint effort resulted in a successful proposal

Friends of Merri Creek joined forces with Walk On Moreland, Brunswick Residents Network, Sustainable Fawkner, Friends of Coburg Lake and Surrounds and Neighbours United for Climate Action to enter this successful proposal. All groups have worked with the Council to support the project planning process.

This new seating will be enhanced by access to information on local plants, birds and animals, and some artwork. Keep a watch-out for these inspiring developments.

Further information.


A seat installed along the creek near Queens Pde in Fawkner.


merribek seating
Detail from Merri Creek Trail seating plan - Fawkner

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