Handweeding on a Sunday at Strettle Wetland

27th April 2023
By Lisa Lawrence

From arriving at the site in the drizzle, birds and ducks busily singing their calls and songs and the Merri creek up high and flowing from the overnight rain, it certainly felt like everybody could have decided it was not a good day for a two-hour weeding activity, but sure enough the weather fined up, and seven people joined the Darebin bush crew David and Liam to pull out weeds.

The Currawongs hanging above us clearly happy from the rainfall.

This is the first of three events at Strettle Wetlands, Thornbury, for 2023.

The flooding from late last year has brought lots of weeds to the area and some of these are new plants washed down to the creek, so there is a huge variety of weeds to challenge the native species.

Some burning back of native grasses last winter by the bush crew has produced a lovely, healthy regrowth.

We ended the session with morning tea and a good chat in the sunshine with everyone feeling really good for their contribution to this truly wonderful area and activity.

More info on events.

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Strettle Wetland Working Bee, 16 April 2023, Lisa Lawrence.

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