Merri Park Wetlands

19th January 2023
By Claire Weekley

After the rain of 2022, the Merri Park wetland is humming with insect, frog and bird life. Indigenous grasses, planted in 2019 and earlier are thriving. The flowers planted amongst them in 2022 are well-established and burst into flower in early summer. 

The second half of the year saw a steady stream of volunteers joining us for our monthly working bees: choosing to pick up litter in the wetland and along the Merri; or tackling the numerous weeds responding to the rain and the lack of weeding during lockdowns. Thanks to the presence of Nick Williams (FOMC President) and Angela Foley (Merri Creek Management Committee), we also had the opportunity to develop our indigenous plant and weed identification skills at our September and October working bees.

Friends of Merri Park isn’t just about weeding and rubbish though - it’s primarily about connecting to and caring for Country and people! It’s a delight to be able to meet locals with a shared interest in their local environment and happy to share a cuppa and a chat with fellow volunteers.

In 2023, we’re excited to welcome regular volunteer (and bird, wattle and litter pick-up enthusiast) Helen, as a co-ordinator of the group alongside Leslie and I. 

We look forward to our annual Mother’s Day Planting, on Sunday May 14. We’ll bolster the mid-storey vegetation of Merri Park to provide more food and habitat for small birds and microbats. We’ll prepare for, or perhaps even encourage, future visits from mammals that we know live in other parts of the Merri (e.g. Swamp Wallabies) and the Yarra (Krefft’s Glider). Each month, we’ll also continue to tackle the weeds in and around the wetland and push back against the tide of plastic moving along the creek. All this while observing and learning more about this haven of biodiversity in suburban Northcote.

Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join us at our working bees and contribute according to their abilities and interests. 

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We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events in 2023.

Claire Weekley (Friends of Merri Park co-ordinator)

A sunny Sunday morning at Merri Park.


Images: Claire Weekley

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