Vote 1 Merri Creek

16th November 2022
By Jane Miller

The Friends have just released their election scorecard for the Victorian state election on 26 November 2022.

We contacted the candidates for upper and lower house seats in the parliament and put to them a candidate survey of 6 questions, based on our Prospectus. The Prospectus identifies 15 key actions to advance the Parklands and improve water quality - both from the perspective of the surrounding wildlife and people - and the protective measures that the long advocated for reclaimed wetlands can offer as flood mitigation mechanisms. The Friends will continue to advocate for these measures to provide a "continuous, biodiverse, open-space corridor through Melbourne’s northern suburbs for people and wildlife."

We asked them:

Do you:

  • Recognise the role this iconic parkland can play in the health and well-being of people and ecosystems.
  • Agree on the importance of providing access to the natural World in an urban setting through linked wildlife refuges and parkland from Wallan to Dights Falls.
  • Support declaration of the wallan wallan and marram baba regional parks, with boundaries as outlined in the DELWP feasibility study  
  • Support creating a MAC to coordinate planning and actions along the Creek and parklands    
  • Support the completion of the Merri shared trail
  • Support measures, with specific funding, to improve water quality for Merri Creek and downstream, as identified in the FoMC Prospectus

Their responses have been included in the scorecard, listed below, along with a document including the full responses received. Our thanks too, to the candidates who responded to the survey.

Further reading:
The Merri Merri Parklands - a Prospectus for the Victorian state election 2022

Vote 1 Merri Creek - scorecard

Responses by political parties or candidates to 6 questions derived from Friends of Merri Creek Victorian Election Prospectus 2022

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