$1.2 million is a good start

23rd August 2022
By Gerry Robinson

Friends of the Merri Creek continue to pursue the rehabilitation of the Merri Creek from a weed-infested drain to a bushland haven. However, to enjoy the benefits, we need to provide everybody with easy access to the Creek. I have ridden my bike the full length of the trail many times and seen lots of room for improvement. There are narrow bridges at Dights Falls, Coburg Lake and Harding St. Good overnight rain can flood many parts of the trail. 

A large community uses the Merri Creek Trail. There are walkers and runners, people pushing prams and cyclists, ranging from seniors like me, puffing along, to little persons on tiny bikes with sparkly streamers on the handlebars.

So, it is pleasing to hear the government has allocated $1.2m to upgrade the shared path along the Lower Merri Creek Trail. This section runs from Rushall Station down to where the Merri meets the Yarra at Dights Falls, Abbotsford. There isn’t a budget for a complete upgrade, but options are being assessed. One option is a raised path from the Merri Creek Trail, at river level up to the Capital City Trail, at road level. A new shared bridge at High St is also being considered.

So, there will soon be better walking and running, pushing and pedaling for all. We'll keep you posted on opportunities to participate in any consultation process for the project.

More for the Merri Creek – Bicycle Network.


water rushing under low bridge, merri Creek, near Ross St northcote

     Image: Lower Merri Trail, near Ross Street, Northcote.

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