I should have done this months ago!

6th August 2022
By Gerry Robinson

I joined the Friends of Merri Creek in 2020 but I only read the occasional newsletter. A pang of conscience led me to the Events calendar and joining the Wednesday Volunteers to plant natives. So, I took my sturdy boots and dodgy left knee and met Anne and the team on the Merri Creek at Craigieburn.

After twenty years of apartment living, I wondered if I could still manage a pick and shovel?  Thankfully, the planting area was a huge weed mat with holes punched to accept the seedlings. So, there we were: on our all-fours planting five indigenous varieties.

Our team of sixteen completed the job in a bit over an hour, then did some maintenance on the previous planting.  The conversation ranged from ‘What social media do you use?’ and ‘How do you get Merri Creek mud off your boots?’
I had a great time: I should have done this months ago.


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