Webinar - Plirding!

6th September 2021

You can now see the recording of the Webinar about 'Plirding' on 4 September 2021.
Ann McGregor, Friends of Merri Creek Birdwatch Coordinator, Julia Cirillo, from Merri Creek Management Committee, and Freya McGregor, from Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds radio show in the USA, and cordinator of Birdability, spoke on the art of plirding, birds to look out for while birding, and how to pick up litter safely while contributing to the Victoria wide Litterwatch Citizen Science. 

Organised by Merri Creek Management Committee and our thanks to the City of Yarra for supporting this event.

Plirding with Friends of Merri Creek

Merri Creek birds
Talkin' Birds - Go plirding!


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