Platypus in the Merri Creek

4th May 2021
Platypus DNA in the Merri Creek

This is Josh Griffiths of CESAR Australia, one of Victoria's foremost experts on the platypus, sampling our very own Merri Creek for platypus DNA. Merri Creek Management Committee hosted an event 'Are there platypus in Merri Creek?' on Sunday 2 May, at which Josh explained the causes for the decline in platypus numbers across Victoria to a concerned group of Merri supporters. Although a platypus was found in the creek - entangled in rubbish - some years ago, other sightings are few and far between, largely because 'urban stream syndrome' means the velocity of water in the creek after rains is so high it destroys platypus food sources. Josh is hoping to be part of a statewide audit of platypus numbers, and will need 'citizen scientists' to help with testing - stay tuned!


Image: P. Ewer

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