Birds along the Merri in true Spring

27th April 2021
Latest report from Ann McGregor, Merri BirdWatch Coordinator

Summary of the report - November Bird Surveys

59 participants took part, across 10 surveys. This included a number of new participants which were a part in our Merri Birds webinar in September. 

In total, 76 bird species were recorded (2,450 individuals).  There were excellent sightings of a Sacred Kingfished at Coburg Lake - the week prior a Sacred Kingfisher was seen at Kirkdale Reserve in Brunswick East. 

Other interesting records include:

- Eight Wood ducklingsat Edwards Lake 

- Brown Quail heard calling from long grass at Galada Tamboore

- Two Silvereyes, not seen for some years by the leaders in Clifton Hill, were possibly nesting

- Several juvenile Reed Warblers and Golden-headed Cisticolas at Galgi Ngarrk


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Image: T. Best

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