Successful community grant from Melbourne Water

29th April 2019

Read about a new grant project – planting for birds.
Merri Creek Management Committee has been awarded a Community Grant from Melbourne Water to diversify habitat structure and promote bird habitat around Phillips Reserve and Kirkdale Park, Brunswick East.

There are many gorgeous birds that feed, play and nest along this stretch of the creek including sociable Red-Browed Firetail Finches (photo) which require habitat with a dense understorey. The grant will fund the planting of 700 understorey plants and shrubs across the sites with the help of the community, as well as weed control in the preliminary stages and whilst the plants are establishing.

The Friends will be helping out and there will be a community planting day on 14 July at Phillips Reserve, Brunswick East.  
Keep an eye on our events calendar for details of this and other events.
Image: Red browed firetail finch. Ian Sanderson, Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

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