Update #2 on VicRoads land, McBryde St Fawkner.

12th July 2018
VicRoads land, McBryde St Fawkner


Congratulations again to Moreland Council for purchasing the McBryde Street land along the Merri Creek.  This purchase allows the significant revegetation work undertaken by MCMC supported by Moreland Council to be preserved and built on to further enhance ecological values and the physical and visual amenity of this section of the Merri Creek Parklands.

Thanks so much to Moreland Council for pursuing the purchase and to all our supporters for getting behind this campaign!


Moreland Council land purchase – McBryde St., Fawkner.

Congratulations to Moreland Council, which decided on 13 June to make an offer to the State Government to buy land owned by VicRoads at Leonard St, Fawkner. This land is an integral part of the Merri Creek habitat and parkland corridor but has been declared ‘surplus’ to VicRoads’ needs. If not acquired by Council it could be sold off for residential development. It’s still not a done deal yet, as the State Government may want more than Council offers, and it will take some time for the negotiations to be completed and land to be transferred.

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