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Media release: migratory birds returning 6th September 2018
Read about the return of migratory birds to Merri Creek..
For more information download this document
Media Release: FoMC say it’s time to raise Merri Creek awareness & appreciation 16th August 2018
FOMC Media Release. .
Successful grants for Merri Creek projects 14th August 2018
Successful FOMC grants..
Lost VCAT appeal 4th August 2018
VCAT appeal for Thomastown site.
Merri Creek gets muddy Merri gets muddy - twice! 12th July 2018
Merri Creek gets muddy.
VicRoads land, McBryde St Fawkner Update #2 on VicRoads land, McBryde St Fawkner. 12th July 2018
VicRoads land, McBryde St Fawkner.
Funding promise for the creeks 5th May 2018
Funding promise for the creeks.
Weed Orchids SWOT-ing weed orchids 5th May 2018
Weed Orchids .
VicRoads land off McBryde St, Fawkner for sale 5th May 2018
McBryde St, Fawkner.
Murnong Gathering Ninth Murnong gathering 20th February 2018
Murnong Gathering .
Darebin Council to buy Lakeside College land 17th November 2016
Lakeside College land. .
New “Help the Blue-banded Bee” crowd-funding campaign 1st August 2016
Crowd-funding for the "Blue-banded Bee".
Changes along Merri path 4th July 2016
Changes to the Merri Path .
Action on Marran Baba Seeking action on Marran Baba 4th July 2016
Action on Marran Baba .
Woody Weed Whacking Woody Weeds get Whacked 4th July 2016
Woody Weed Whacking .
Protecting the Upper Merri 6th January 2015
Submissions to protect biodiversity along the Merri. .
Upper Merri developments 12th May 2014
Upper Merri developments .
Improving gorge-ous views 27th January 2014
Melbourne Water River Health incentives program grant for the restoration of native vegetation at Northcote Gorge. .