From waste land to parklands

From the 1970's to now, Merri Creek and surrounds has undergone an amazing transformation to become the beautiful parklands we now enjoy and cherish.

This photograph was taken near the site of the pedestrian bridge across Merri Creek linking Sumner Park, Brunswick East, with Merri Park, Northcote.

To see more images of the restoration works along Merri Creek see this slide show for a tour of Merri Creek in the 1980's 

Image:View of Merri Creek looking upstream with the edge of the Brunswick Terminal Station (left) and the MMBW depot in Northcote (right), 1982.


Watch this video to hear about the transformation of Merri Creek from a rubbish dumping area to the beautiful creek and parklands we enjoy today. Meet many of the friends of Merri Creek and the range of activities that have contributed to the regeneration of Merri Creek. Also hear about some of the key habitats and endangered animals.