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Merri Creek and Trawalla Avenue proposed land sale: Contact details for ministers and background information on the proposed sale of public land - part of the Merri corridor in Trawalla Avenue, Thomastown. (125.7 Kb)
Inquiry into environmental infrastructure for growing populations. September 2020: FOMC: (2,584.8 Kb)
Submission to Legislative Council Environment & Planning Committee Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline in Victoria. August 2020: FOMC: (860.2 Kb)
FOMC submission to Am C158 Beveridge NW PSP: (77.0 Kb)
FoMC objection 38 Harrison St Brunswick E: FOMC: (49.5 Kb)
FoMC submission to Bev NW PSP Panel - 12th Aug 2020: (10,147.5 Kb)
Supplementary submission 38 Harrison St: (38.5 Kb)
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FOMC Vote 1 Merri Creek: FOMC: Are you ready to vote this Saturday 21 May? Find out how parties compare when it comes to protecting and enhancing Merri Creek. (151.1 Kb)
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Order Form: Monica: Order Merchandise from shop (103.6 Kb)
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Newsletter 2022 05: (4,420.6 Kb)