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Early response of the platypus to climate warming: Klamt et al: (269.5 Kb)
The platypus: evolutionary history, biology, and an uncertain future: Bino etal: (21,098.0 Kb)
Trophic relationships of the platypus: insights from stable isotope and cheek pouch dietary analyses: Klamt et al: (290.3 Kb)
Order Form-Birds of Merri Creek 2022 Calendar: The order form can be downloaded, completed online and sent as an attachment to (183.9 Kb)
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Threatened species of the Merri Creek Parklands: (18.8 Kb)
Hume City Indigenous plant list: Indigenous plants of Hume. (359.1 Kb)
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Fact Sheet VLAA Safety tips for litter surveys and litter clean ups: (359.1 Kb)
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Merri growler 2021 3 (Aug-Oct): (4,885.8 Kb)
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Newsletter 2021 08 : (4,885.8 Kb)
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Joint statement on the Central and Gippsland Sustainable Water Strategy.: Joint statement from alliance of community and environmental groups on concerns regarding inaction and mismanagement of water in Victoria in the face of the deterioration of our rivers, waterways and wetlands. (3,000.2 Kb)