Merri Creek fauna

A range of creatures call the Merri Creek corridor home – from blue banded bees, to water rats to rock wallabies. Much of our work is about supporting the biodiversity that will allow these populations to survive and grow including two endangered species – the Golden Sun Moth and the Growling Grass Frog.


Wildlife and habitat guide for Merriang landholders – guide to landholders to help with identifying and supporting ‘focal’ species – by helping them, other associated species will also benefit.
Aquatic flora, fauna and wetlands – Merri Creek and Environs Strategy
Hume Field guides – produced by the City of Hume, in the northern part of the catchment – the guides are downloadable and identify over 140 birds and 65 fauna species.
Common birds of the Merri & northern Melbourne – available from CERES Nursery, Brunswick.
Wildlife fact sheets – Wildlife Victoria – guides for helping sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.
Golden sun moth - SWIFFT
Growling grass frog - SWIFFT
This biodiversity of south-eastern Australia app Grasslands aims to build awareness and appreciation of the unique biodiversity of south-eastern Australia’s endangered temperate native grasslands. It contains information on the grassland communities, localities where you can experience them and a comprehensive field guide with images of the plant and animal species that live in them
Swamp Wallaby movements on Lower Merri Creek - to better understand the movements of Swamp Wallabies along Merri Creek, sightings from a variety of sources, including MCMC's fauna records, have been documented by a volunteer in this interesting blog

Growling_Grass_Frog_juvenile   Sun moth site 2 Jan 2011 003   Kangaroos at Bababi Marning 2015

Images: Growling grass frog (Litoria raniformis); Golden Sun Moth (Synemon plana). Image: Meredith Dairy. Red kangaroos. Image: MCMC