Events policy



The Friends of Merri Creek are from time to time approached regarding running an event to support the Friends and Merri Creek.

Running an event is a significant undertaking with time commitments and expertise requirements that may stretch committee capacity and resources. However we are always looking for ways to spread the word and increase support for our activities, so please contact us if you have an idea.

The FoMC Committee will consider all requests and proposals for event sponsoring or partnership according to the criteria outlined below.

The sort of events that are suitable for FoMC involvement would require that:

  • The event is relevant and in keeping with FoMC objectives
  • A committee member be prepared to be chief liaison person between the event group and committee
  • There be adequate planning time
  • Responsibilities be clearly identified for all parties – financial, organizational, promotional
  • The proposal be compatible with the FoMC calendar
  • The outcomes for FoMC to be identified – promotional? Financial?
  • The risks to FoMC to be identified – financial, reputational etc.
  • An agreement setting out roles and responsibilities be created.

A brief written report should be provided to the FoMC Committee on event proceedings, outcomes – financial and otherwise within one month of the event.

If requested, to provide an article on the event for the Friends newsletter, Merri growler.

Some examples of events and partnerships:

  • Blue Banded Bee event – a pozible campaign culminating in a concert held at the Northcote Social Club.
  • Ash Grunwald music tour, a litter pickup was arranged and promoted through their channels and FoMC channels.
  • Happenstance – externally funded by the City of Moreland – FoMC provided a stall.


  happenstance (1)
Happenstance 2018

January 2020

The FoMC newsletter – Merri Growler, is named after the Endangered Growling Grass Frog, which has been found along Merri Creek, and because growling is a form of communication.

These guidelines are for contributors to, and editors of, the newsletter.