Friends of Merri Creek - Committee 2023

Professor Nicholas (Nick) Williams, President
Nick has been President of FOMC since 2020, a committee member from 2012 and has enjoyed living close to Merri Creek at various locations for the past 25 years. Nick believes Melbourne owes a great deal to the FOMC members who fought to protect the creek valley from freeway proposals before restoring it from an industrial drain into a valued recreation and habitat asset.
He’d like the friends to build on this legacy by working with the wonderfully diverse communities along the Merri Creek to continue its restoration and protect the upper catchment from the impacts of rapid urban development. Nick is a Professor of Urban Ecology and Urban Horticulture at The University of Melbourne, specialising in the effects of urbanisation on biodiversity, designing green infrastructure to improve the urban environment and the ecology of Victoria’s critically endangered native grasslands. He has undertaken numerous flora surveys in the Merri catchment and finds weeding native vegetation a relaxing, mindfulness exercise.

Ann McGregor, Deputy President, Friends representative on the Merri Creek Management Committee
An environmental planner, keen birder and Brunswick resident, Ann has been a Merri Creek volunteer in various roles for over 40 years.

David Gifford, Secretary
The fresh-faced young Secretary who's hoping to not equal his predecessor's twenty-four-year tenure.

Nicole Lowe, Treasurer/Grants Officer FOMC and Friends representative on the Merri Creek Management Committee
Nicole has been involved since 1993 with planting, weeding, rubbish collection and Waterwatch monitoring. There is a sense of achievement in going back to sites to see the changes. Volunteering outdoors is different to the teaching, administration and time in libraries of her working life.

Monica Williamson, Membership Secretary
Monica joined as a member in 2001 regularly attending litter cleanups and planting events.  Monica works part time at Merri Creek Management Committee as Admin Officer and became FoMC Membership Secretary in 2007.

Peter Ewer, Friends representative on the Merri Creek Management Committee
Peter has been a member of the Australian Conservation Foundation for more than 30 years, and was a founding contributor to the Climate Council. He is a member of CERES, and is a Board member of Banksia Gardens Community Services, a not-for-profit providing housing and early years education in Broadmeadows. He lives in Brunswick East, rides a bicycle and dotes on his worm farm.

Anne Frost
The Merri Creek has been part of Anne’s life in Brunswick for many years. She convenes the Merri Creek Wednesday Volunteers group.

Laziza Hawkins
Living by the Merri has given me a sense of place, where I can appreciate the urban creek corridor and have many memories from 30 years of walks, playing, cycling or having a mindful moment watching birds. I have observed the creek restoration during that time and now value the opportunity to be involved.

Kate Hill, Instagram Co-ordinator
Kate Hill is an artist and academic with a deep love of the merri creek. Her research centres around clay soils and geology, and finds the entangled stories of the merri creek a rich place to learn from and care for. Kate has been a committee member for 3 years

Bernie Maguire, Website Coordinator, Newsletter editor
Bernie is retired and enjoys the extra time she now has to walk and cycle along Merri Creek. She is grateful for all the hard work Friends have done over many years restoring and transforming Merri Creek to the wonderful nature reserve we can all enjoy today. She hopes her contribution can also make a difference.

Jane Miller, Facebook Coordinator, Friends representative on the Merri Creek Management Committee
Jane values and cherishes Merri Creek and surrounds and all they offer. The Creek continues to need from us, and it is great to work with the Committee and our Friends, contributing  to the inspiring work done to date. Jane has been a committee member since 2016.

Claire Weekley
Claire is a laboratory scientist who has enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Merri since moving to Narrm/Melbourne in 2018 and is keen to learn about and contribute to the restoration and conservation of the creek.