Friends of Merri Creek

Vale Jack Svendsen

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Jul 04 2016 at 11:42 PM
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Jack joined us at the time of our campaign against the F2 freeway and, besides being always cheerful, he was incredibly energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated. Since illness stopped him from volunteering in the office, we have not been able to replace him.

Jack's daughter, Helga, writes that Jack spent many of his childhood days frolicking around Merri Creek and then his older days contributing to its upkeep through FoMC (he was irreplaceable as our office coordinator). He contributed right to the end by attending a FoMC handweeding at Strettle Wetland only four days before suffering the stroke that ended his life.

FoMC is very grateful for the donation of $695 from the family and friends of Jack Svendsen in lieu of flowers at his funeral. This donation enables him to keep on contributing through his friends and family.


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